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We provide Custom Software Development and Consulting Services.

A key differentiator of our service is our commitment to working closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their ideas and vision. We are also passionate about technology,  and provide unique and innovative software solutions to our clients. Through years of experience we have developed a unique client engagement model which is another compelling value proposition of our service offerings. For more details  see “Our Engagement Model”.

Custom Software Development

  • Web Applications

  • Cloud Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Integrated Solutions

  • Niche Solutions

Software Products
and Web Applications are complex systems that usually span multiple technology layers such as databases, business logic, user interfaces and integration with other systems. We at CSS take the time to understand our client’s requirements so that we can design the proper data structures, and to choose the technology and architecture that meet not only the application requirements but the security, scalability requirements and vision for the future.

Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a software delivery model in which the application is hosted in the Cloud and accessed via a network, typically the Internet. The SaaS model has many advantages over the traditional in-house hosted model. At CSS we can develop single tenant or multi-tenant SaaS applications.

Integrated Software Solutions. In most cases software applications needs to integrate with other applications such as legacy systems, third party applications such as Salesforce and QuickBooks, and social media applications such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. At CSS we work with different technologies to integrate with external systems to create integrated solutions.

Niche Solutions. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. At CSS we like to take on challenging projects that tests our creativity by using technology in unique and innovative ways, such as the use of gaming technology to provide interactive training, creating interactive architecture models, etc, or the user of augment reality in marketing campaigns, etc.

Consulting Services

  • Idea Brainstorming

  • Requirements Elicitation.

  • Application Modernization

Our clients have great ideas, but in some cases the ideas need to be refined in order to turn them into viable solutions. Having experience in taking product from idea to rollout, and utilizing our knowledge of the technology landscape, we are able to  Idea Brainstorm with our clients to build out and enhance their ideas .

The success of any software development project depends on how well the development organization understand the requirements for the application. One of the key differentiators of our service offering is our unique Requirements Elicitation process through which we are able to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and to build an application that meets the clients’ expectations. 

Market forces such as competitive rivalries, customer demands and new technology may make it necessary for businesses to consider modernizing their legacy applications. At CSS we offer an Application Modernization service that combines our requirements elicitation service with our custom software development offering to modernize, or even re-engineer, legacy applications.

Our Engagement Model

At CSS our engagement model is designed around three factors. First, its designed to help us gain a deep understanding of our clients requirements. Second, it focuses on agility. We understand that businesses are dynamic entities and technology trends are likely to introduce change. Third, our development processes are transparent. We encourage customer participation and value the customer relationship.

Our development process is an agile process. The software is developed in iterations each of which begins and ends with a client review. The requirements elicitation process is itself an agile process woven into the development iteration cycle, thus supporting agility.

Each engagement is led by a liaison. The liaison is responsible for gaining a deep understanding of the clients’ application and leading the development. The liaison is the single point of responsibility for the engagement.


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