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Idea Brainstorming
Requirements Elicitation
Application Modernization

Our clients have great ideas, but in some cases the ideas need to be refined in order to turn them into viable solutions. Having experience in taking product from idea to rollout, and utilizing our knowledge of the technology landscape, we are able to Idea Brainstorm with our clients to build out and enhance their ideas .

The success of any software development project depends on how well the development organization understand the requirements for the application. One of the key differentiators of our service offering is our unique Requirements Elicitation process through which we are able to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and to build an application that meets the clients’ expectations. 

Market forces such as competitive rivalries, customer demands and new technology may make it necessary for businesses to consider modernizing their legacy applications. At CSS we offer an Application Modernization service that combines our requirements elicitation service with our custom software development offering to modernize, or even re-engineer, legacy applications.

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